Aluminium sliding systems


“MasterPatio is a heat-insulating lifting sliding system, designed as an outdoor partition. Characterized by extremely good thermal insulation, it is durable and easy to operate. The main factors are ease and speed of production, excellent heat and water properties, aesthetic looks and compatibility with the MasterLine 8 and MasterLine 10 systems.


Enjoy the most amazing views right from your cosy home! The ultra-slim profiles of the Hi-Finity sliding doors creates a look of seemingly endless, smooth, elegant and light surfaces.

Fully transparent and easily sliding doors that extend floor-to-ceiling, connecting the interior of the house with the exterior throughout the entire length or width of the façade, including the opening corner solution of Hi-Finity that offers an even greater openness and transparency possibility. Despite the minimally visible edge of the aluminium system, being very strong, Hi-Finity can hold a large fixed weight, i.e., a glass unit of up to 1,200 kg, a manual sliding system of up to 300 kg and an automated sliding system of up to 750 kg.

Featuring a high performance in terms of energy and a minimalist look, Hi-Finity is a perfect choice for implementing any low-energy contemporary building solution!