Wooden and aluminum windows, interior and front doors


Our windows and doors - Your connection to the world!

Wooden windows

We produce high quality wooden windows. We are unique in that we have 12 systems in place that allow us to produce wooden windows of different types, sizes and configurations.

Front doors

It is an important home accent that has to meet many aesthetic and technical criteria. Our exterior doors not only decorate your home, but also provide security and sound insulation. Doors are made to individual orders, so you can choose the type of door you want, the type of glass, the colour, the wood.

Interior doors

High-quality, custom-made interior doors. You can choose the model you want, the wood you want – we’re flexible, we find technical solutions for modern and renovated buildings.

Aluminium products

Aluminium windows, doors and sliding systems are manufactured using highly advanced, next-generation systems supplied by leading European manufacturers, which open up design possibilities, provide first-class performance, and perfectly meet the requirements of passive house.

Why “Vudesta”?

Our work is characterised not only by our unique production and working principles, but also by our approach: for us, windows and doors are not just architectural details, but also a symbolic link to the world.

We are flexible: our experience and high level of expertise allow us to find solutions for the most complex architectural situations. From standard houses to architectural monuments under restoration.

High-quality, precision windows, doors and aluminium products in collaboration with leading European companies.

Our products are NDVK certified (Norwegian Door and Window Inspection Centre certificate). We have implemented quality and environmental management systems in accordance with LST EN ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015), LST EN ISO 14001:2015 (ISO 14001:2015) standards.

Wide range of windows, exterior and interior doors, sliding systems. Solutions for all openings in the house from one source – efficient time and money saving!

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Here you can find some already finished projects – wooden windows and doors.

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