European type doors

This is a very important home accent which must meet many aesthetic and technical criteria. Properly selected and manufactured doors will not only decorate your home, but will also ensure their safety and sound insulation. Doors are manufactured according to individual orders, therefore it is possible to select the desired type of opening, glazing, colour and wood. We produce classical and panel outside door opened both from the inside and from the outside. These are high quality and durable doors that can be produced in different designs.

Wooden European outside doors are produced from 68mm, 78mm and 88mm thick glued balk, board and glass unit. Doors can be reinforced from the outside with aluminium, painted, varnished or stained. We offer our customers a wide selection of door models.

Doors are decorated with glass dividers that can be glued onto the glass unit, installed within the unit or fixed on special holders, so that it would be more comfortable to clean the glass after removing them.

ROTO FRANK fittings are used for outside doors. ROTO FRANK is a leader in the manufacture of fittings for windows and doors.

euro doors with glass
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