Aluminum products

Aluminium windows, doors and sliding systems are manufactured using highly advanced, next-generation systems supplied by leading European manufacturers, which open design possibilities, provide first-class performance, and perfectly meet the requirements of a passive house. 

MasterLine 8

"MasterLine 8" - a unique window system

“MasterLine 8” is a unique window system that combines a wide range of design options with first-class performance in terms of thermal insulation, air and water tightness and production speed. The system offers a wide range of designs and the highest performance for thermal insulation air and water tightness. These next-generation advanced window solutions reflect the current architectural trend to increase daylight while offering the highest level of thermal insulation.

"MasterLine 10" - more design options

“MasterLine 10” is a unique window and door system that combines a wide range of design options with high-performance class and high production speed. The system offers a wide range of design options, perfectly suited to any architectural style while meeting the requirements of even passive houses with a profile depth of 107mm.

MasterLine 10

"Masterpatio" - outdoor fencing

“Masterpatio” is a thermally insulating tilt and slide system designed as an external partition. It is extremely well-insulated, durable and easy to operate. The main factors are ease and speed of production, excellent thermal and water properties, excellent aesthetics, and compatibility with “MasterLine 8” and “MasterLine 10” systems.

"Hi-Finity" - transparent, easy sliding doors

The ultra-slim design of “Hi-Finity” sliding doors creates an elegant look for large, sleek, light surfaces. It is an entirely transparent and easy-sliding door that extends seamlessly from the floor to the ceiling, connecting the interior of the house to the exterior over the entire length or width of the facade.


Highest quality and customisation

The company’s many years of manufacturing experience allow us to continuously improve our technology and customise our interior doors to suit your individual needs. Flexibility is our strength, as we can manufacture and adapt interior doors to meet modern requirements for new buildings and architectural monuments under restoration. All products meet the highest European Union standards. 

  • Our products are NDVK certified (Norwegian Door and Window Inspection Centre certificate). This certificate indicates that windows and doors’ airtightness and air permeability meet the highest requirements.

  • We have implemented quality and environmental management systems under LST EN ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015) and LST EN ISO 14001:2015 (ISO 14001:2015) standards.
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