Aluminum doors

MasterLine 8

MasterLine 8 is unique aluminum doors system that combines countless design options with first-class operational characteristics in terms of thermal insulation, air and water tightness, and production speed. The system offers a wide range of designs and the highest performance for thermal insulation, air and water tightness. These next-generation smart doors solutions reflect the current trend in architecture aimed at increasing the access to daylight while offering the highest level of thermal insulation.

MasterLine 8 is available in three different thermal insulation levels for B and A energy classes and even for passive house standard. These different levels of insulation are achieved by integrating thermal insulation materials of new design and different properties. The unique concept enables combining various modes of doors opening, design options and different levels of thermal insulation. The design options offered by MasterLine 8, each with its own distinct look options, suit any architectural style.

MasterLine 8

MasterLine 10

MasterLine 10 is a unique window and door system that combines a variety of design options with a high performance class and high production speed. This system offers a wide range of designs, perfectly suits any architectural style, while meeting even passive house standard requirements with a profile depth of 107mm. These innovative window solutions reflect the current architectural trend to maximise daylight access and ensure the highest level of thermal insulation.

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