Scandinavian type doors

Scandinavian type doors is a home accent that must meet many aesthetic and technical criteria. Properly selected and manufactured front doors will not only decorate your home, but will also ensure their safety and sound insulation. Doors are manufactured according to individual orders, therefore it is possible to select the desired type of opening, glazing, colour and wood. We produce classical and panel outside door opened both from the inside and from the outside. These are high quality and durable doors that can be produced in different designs.

Scandinavian outside door profile: 116 mm wide frame, 56 or 78 mm thick leaf. Outside doors with this type of profile are perfectly adapted to withstand harsh winter conditions.

Probably the most popular outside doors are classical style and panel doors.

Scandinavian doors consist of a wooden frame and wooden leaf frame filled with glued wooden panel and special MDF fillers, glass units and other materials.

Scandinavian classical doors. Our company can offer good quality wooden classical doors of various design. These doors provide warmth and comfort in your home, as well as solidness and modernity for any structure.

Advantages of Scandinavian front doors:

Skandinaviškos lauko durys/Scandinavian front door
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