English type windows

English type windows received such a title due to their popularity across the entire Great Britain. The opening method of English type windows differs from Scandinavian and European. English windows consist of two glazed leafs that vertically slide along the wooden frame. Windows are balanced using lead weight or spring counterweights.

UAB Vudesta produces English sliding lifting windows which look just like the original windows, but meet the requirements of modern standards.

English type lifting windows are usually made of glued wood: pine, oak, larch or mahogany wood. Glued wood technology ensures window frame resistance against deformation and prolongs the service life of windows.

JSC Vudesta offers a wide selection of English type wooden windows. Wood for windows is selected by maintaining the authenticity of the architecture of the building, and it is also a natural material which will serve for hundreds of years if it is properly maintained.

Many years of production experience enable the company to improve its technologies and adapt windows to individual needs. All the company’s products meet the highest EU standards.

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