Wooden windows

We produce high-quality wooden windows. We are unique in that we have 12 systems in place that allow us to produce wooden windows of different types, sizes, and configurations: 

  • European,
  • Scandinavian, 
  • English.

We produce windows in a variety of timber, depending on the type of wooden window: pine, oak, larch, meranti, sipo and sapele. 

We start with prefabricated timber-glued planks. This way, the shrinkage and expansion deformation of the wood is reduced, and the likelihood of warping, cracks and splits is reduced. Glued-timber technology ensures that the window frame is resistant to deformation and extends the life of the wooden window. Pine, larch, and pine wood can be either finger-jointed or solid. 

mediniai langai
mediniai langai

Modern manufacturing and partnerships with leading European companies

European-style windows are fitted with high-quality German hardware from ROTO FRANK AG. Scandinavian windows opening outwards are fitted with high quality PN Beslag and IPA hardware. English windows differ from Scandinavian and European windows in the way they are opened: they consist of two sashes that move together and are opened by pushing one or the other part of the frame, with a lead weight or spiral counterweights to ensure balance. The window frame can be varnished, painted or externally coated with aluminium caps. All window types meet the highest quality requirements and are ideal for modern buildings or renovations.

Efficient automated and robotic production, high working culture and the qualifications and experience of our professionals help our customers to solve complex technical problems and to deliver their products precisely on time and in full compliance with their commitments. In the Baltic States, we deliver windows to your premises.

European, scandinavian, english type wooden windows

European windows

European type windows are manufactured from pine, oak, larch and meranti wood. Wood blanks are made of glued lumber, therefore wood shrinkage and expansion deformation is decreased, thus also decreasing the probability of distortion, cracks and crevices. Pine wood blanks can be either finger-jointed or non finger-jointed
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Scandinavian windows

Scandinavian type windows are usually made of pine, larch, meranti and sipo wood. Window and door frame can be varnished, painted and coated from the outside with aluminium cover (aluminium cover provides windows and doors with maximum protection against external effects – rain, temperature, wind). Finnish Teknos company primers, paints and varnishes are used for window and door finishing.
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English type windows

English type lifting windows are usually made of glued wood: pine, oak, larch or mahogany wood. Glued wood technology ensures window frame resistance against deformation and prolongs the service life of windows.
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mediniai langai

Highest quality and customisation

The company’s experience of many years of manufacturing allows us to continuously improve our technology and customise our windows. Flexibility is our strength, as we can manufacture and adapt windows to meet modern requirements, not only for new buildings, but also for architectural monuments under restoration. All our products meet the highest European Union standards. 

  • Our products are NDVK certified (Norwegian Door and Window Inspection Centre certificate). This certificate indicates that windows and doors’ airtightness and air permeability meet the highest requirements.

  • We have implemented quality and environmental management systems under LST EN ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015) and LST EN ISO 14001:2015 (ISO 14001:2015) standards.

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