Front doors

This is a crucial home accent that has to meet many aesthetic and technical criteria. A properly selected and manufactured front door will decorate your home and provide security and sound insulation. Doors are made to individual orders, so you can choose the type of door you want, the type of glass, the colour, and the wood. We produce classic and paneled exterior doors that swing both inwards and outwards. These are high-quality, robust doors in a wide range of designs. 

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European, Scandinavian, sliding HS, folding doors

European type doors

Wooden European outside doors are produced from 68mm, 78mm and 88mm thick glued balk, board and glass unit. Doors can be reinforced from the outside with aluminium, painted, varnished or stained. We offer our customers a wide selection of door models.
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Scandinavian type doors

We produce classical and panel outside door opened both from the inside and from the outside. These are high quality and durable doors that can be produced in different designs.
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HS sliding doors

Sliding doors are perhaps the most elegant-looking doors. They are able to perfectly connect your home space with the surrounding environment. We recommend choosing them if you want to have a non-standard sized access to the building’s terrace or yard. These doors can be fixed in any opening position.
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Folding doors

Folding doors consist of a system of folding parts which fold similarly to an accordion. The door opening of these type of doors can be opened by up to 95 percent, therefore this product is recommended in places that require the largest opening spaces.
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Highest quality and customisation

The company’s many years of manufacturing experience allow us to continuously improve our technology and customise our doors to suit individual needs. Flexibility is our strength, as we can manufacture and adapt doors to meet modern requirements, not only for new buildings, but also for architectural monuments under restoration. All our products meet the highest European Union standards. 

  • Our products are NDVK certified (Norwegian Door and Window Inspection Centre certificate). This certificate indicates that windows and doors’ airtightness and air permeability meet the highest requirements.
  • We have implemented quality and environmental management systems under LST EN ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015) and LST EN ISO 14001:2015 (ISO 14001:2015) standards.


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