HS Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are perhaps the most elegant-looking doors. They are able to perfectly connect your home space with the surrounding environment. We recommend choosing them if you want to have a non-standard sized access to the building’s terrace or yard. These doors can be fixed in any opening position. Advantages of these doors:

  • Completely safe to open in strong winds or unexpected drafts.
  • Simple and silent opening and closing
  • Low door sills (thus suitable for the disabled)
  • High quality door gaskets make the doors particularly sealed
  • Optimally coordinated functional parts such as carriages, drives and handles make the control of doors pleasant and comfortable, even if they are large and heavy

Reliable German G-U and SIEGIENIA-AUBI fittings are used in the production process. These are next generation fittings that satisfy various needs for comfort, protection against burglary and ventilation.

HS sliding doors can be reinforced from the outside with aluminium.