Wooden Windows: timeless elegance and functionality

Windows are an essential element of any building, fulfilling both a practical and an aesthetic function. They allow natural light to enter our living spaces, provide ventilation and improve the overall atmosphere of the home. When it comes to choosing the perfect material, wooden windows are a timeless and elegant choice. They are made from high-quality woods such as oak, pine, larch and meranti offer unparalleled beauty, durability and functionality.

Understanding – Wooden windows

Wooden windows have been a popular choice for centuries due to their unique qualities and unquestionable charm. They fit easily into a wide range of architectural styles – from traditional cottages to contemporary homes – and add a touch of sophistication to any space.

European, Scandinavian and English

European – are made from pine, oak, larch and meranti. They are made from prefabricated wooden glued boards, reducing the likelihood of warping, cracking and splitting. The use of glulam technology ensures that the frames are resistant to warping and have a longer life.

To ensure high quality standards, European-style windows are fitted with premium German hardware from ROTO FRANK AG. This partnership with leading European companies ensures that European-style timber windows meet the highest quality requirements, making them ideal for both modern buildings and renovations.

Scandinavian are usually made from pine, larch, meranti and sipo. They can be varnished, painted or externally coated with aluminium caps for maximum protection against external factors such as rain, temperature changes and wind.

In terms of hardware, Scandinavian windows are fitted with high-quality PN Beslag and IPA hardware. These hardware options ensure smooth operation and durability, making them a reliable choice for homeowners.

English type – have a distinctive design compared to their European and Scandinavian counterparts. They consist of two sashes that move together and are opened by sliding one part of the frame. They often have lead weights or spiral counterweights to ensure balance and ease of operation.

Like Scandinavian type, English timber windows are made of glued timber such as pine, oak, larch or mahogany. The use of glulam technology increases the resistance of the frames to deformation, thus extending the life of the windows.


Wooden windows are a testament to the timeless elegance, durability and functionality of natural materials. Whether you choose European, Scandinavian or English-style, you can be sure that they will enhance the aesthetics and value of your home.

An investment in them is an investment in long-lasting beauty, natural insulation, environmental sustainability and increased security. The charm of wooden windows lies in their ability to easily complement a wide range of architectural styles, adding sophistication to any space.


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